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5 Steps to Rebooking – American Salon

American Salon gives us insight into ‘5 Steps to Rebooking’ in their July 27, 2017.  Antony Whitaker shares some helpful information on ways you can rebook clients in your salons.    Antony Whitaker is an educator and motivator, with a worldwide reputation based on more than 30 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry.

Rebooking is important to the salon and to the client.  In this video, Whitaker mentions that “stylists will give excuses about their clients regarding rebooking, such as client not having enough time or if the stylist asks about rebooking, the client will say no”. Rebooking is beneficial to increase productivity for a stylist.

The five steps to Rebooking are:

  1. It is best if you initiate/recommend a rebooking and try not to ask the client if they would like to rebook.  Come up with a strategy of how to articulate it to your clients.
  2. Provide the clients with a reason to rebook.  For instance, if a perm, color, trim will be required soon, inform the client that it is important to rebook.  Rebooking is advantageous because if a client wants an appointment at the last minute or a later date, that day will possibly not be available.  It is best to do it right there and then.
  3. Enlighten the client about seeing them again.  Any client would feel appreciated if a stylist says they want to see them again.
  4. Take charge and follow-up with the client.  It is always a good idea to continuously check on them.
  5. Stay focused, determined and organized.  Show the client that you have everything in order.  The client will realize that you care about your work and your surroundings.

To read the full story on the American Salon web site, click here.


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