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An Aspiring Esthetician’s Dream Comes True | Modern Salon

Journalist, Elizabeth Jakaitis, features an inspiring social media story of how a super-famous model, Chrissy Teigen, helped transform someone’s life.  Teigen helped make Edney Mercedes (@cruzanchoklate) dream come true by donating the remaining balance of her tuition for esthetician school.  There are many challenges that people may experience in order to accomplish their goals to attend college.  In any occupation that we are trying to achieve, financial stress can definitely be an issue.  Some schools do not offer financial aid and some families cannot afford an education, therefore, some people will not focus on what they really want to achieve.  When people see that you have aspirations, they will try their best to help you achieve that goal.  If you desire a passion for something that you are working towards in life, you have to give your all and prove that you are willing to give your all.  When we hear of celebrities supporting an individual’s dream that is priceless!  It is a gift to anyone who has aspirations of becoming successful!

According to Modern Salon, Edney Mercedes set up a GoFundMe page to raise tuition funds to attend the Academy of Nail Technology & Esthetics in Charlotte, NC.  Unfortunately, the only school that Edney was able to attend did not have financial aid and scholarships.  Shortly after setting up her GoFundMe page, Mercedes received an alert that her goal had been met!

To her amazing surprise, Edney saw a note from Teigen which read, “I’ve seen this to be your passion for such a long time now”.  So excited to see you fulfill your dream!” Mercedes told Modern Salon, “it still feels like a dream that I’m scared to wake up from”.   Teigen follows Mercedes on Twitter, but little did Mercedes know that Teigen was paying attention to her posts about products and skin tips.

Social media has once again proven to be a great tool to show others what building a career in beauty can be.  When an individual has a passion for beauty, you never know who is watching and what opportunities are offered.  Modern Salon offers words of wisdom that we should all remember: “Mercedes’ incredible experience just goes to show what an incredible tool social media can be in building a career in beauty. When you share your passion for beauty, you never know who will notice and what opportunities will be presented”.

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