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Learn More About Our Limited Time Move In Special! Text Us Now

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Hailey Nicole


Boulder, CO

Studio #47

To Book please call or text Hailey at 720-245-1787

About me:

"All through high school and college, I used to spend an HOUR every single day tweezing the never-ending hairs from my face. It was like I had a beard! So in the early 2000s, I decided to try electrolysis. It took a little bit, but eventually, my face was totally HAIR FREE! It felt like a miracle. Thus, an addiction was born. Now I can say that I literally don't own a razor because I don't need one! If I've learned anything over the years, all electrolysis methods are NOT equal. I've searched far and wide, and I think I'm the ONLY electrologist in Boulder who has an electrolysis machine that is advanced as mine. I was trained to use this particular machine at The California Electrology Academy, under two of the top electrologist trainers in the world, with 60 years experience between them. Like my love for having electrolysis done to myself, it turns out I love DOING electrolysis even more than I love having it done! I've truly found my calling in the world. I've taken my love for electrolysis and paired it with my love for all things SPA! While some electrology practices can feel more like a doctor's visit or something clinical, I wanted to create a luxe spa-like experience for the senses! Call me to schedule a complimentary consultation. Stop grumbling about the hairs that make you crazy and make a choice to be done with them FOREVER! I can't wait to see how it will change your life as much as it has mine! "