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What to Look for in Continuing Education for Beauty Professionals

continuing education for beauty professionals

If you’re ready to grow your business by making the move to a private (or shared) beauty studio, you may be interested in finding ways to expand your client base with new techniques and services. Regardless of your path in the beauty industry, engaging in continuing education opportunities will help you broaden and hone your skill set. This investment in yourself is critical in staying on top of the latest trends and offering the best results to your clients. When you’re part of the Indie community (with current locations in Boulder, Denver, and Lone Tree), you’ll enjoy an abundance of opportunities to continue your education with a variety of classes, seminars, and more. Here, we share more about what to look for in your continuing education for beauty professionals:


There are many aspects of running a beauty business, so it’s important to stay up to date on best business practices.  At Indie Salons, we make it a priority to offer continuing education opportunities for beauty professionals, which touch on business tips and practices that will benefit each of our Indies. For example, we recently held a Zoom meeting to discuss business tips (and it’s available for viewing for all of our Indies). Indies from all locations chimed in on what they’ve learned or found helpful in growing their business. We also recently held a Guest Experience Class led by an outside expert.  Additionally, we host classes on social media management and technical seminars on the latest beauty trends and techniques.

Fun Environment

Continuing education is critical for all beauty pros, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer through boring classes. We aim to make our educational opportunities fun and engaging so you’ll look forward to expanding your skill set. We also work with highly acclaimed professionals in the industry to ensure that your time is well spent.  We just held our first small socially distanced and masked in-person education event in March 2021. We offer many online Zoom education events through our partners and leading beauty brands, and we are looking forward to bringing in well-known balayage Rockstar educator Ryan Weeden, CEO and Founder of Masters of Balayage, for an education session on October 18th  this year. 


Furthering your knowledge is an important component of growing your business, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Many of the continuing education options that we offer are complimentary or discounted to our Indies.

We believe that broadening your skill set is critical for beauty professionals who have ambitious goals. There are many perks of being an Indie, and access to high-quality continuing education opportunities is one of the benefits that our Indies enjoy most. If you’re looking for more than just a beauty studio, you’ll love being part of our supportive community. In addition to sharpening your marketing and technical skills, you’ll have the ability to earn rent rewards through our wholesale beauty supply program and bring your vision to life in your studio. Ready to learn more about availability? Please contact our Market Manager, Kandice Meylan, via call or text at 303-792-8222.

Note: This article’s featured image was taken pre-COVID.