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Continuing Education in the Professional Beauty World and its Benefits | American Salon

American Salon’s intriguing feature of being able to continue education in the beauty world has many benefits, in the July 5, 2017 article.  We all hear the saying, “Knowledge is power” and “Education is the key to success”.  In the beauty world, it is a great idea to always keep up with the latest trends and learn new things because styles are ever-changing. As a stylist, you would want your clientele to be satisfied with your work, obtain full appointments, and gain referrals.  Well, continuing education is the way to go!

Cost is usually an issue when it comes to cosmetology school, however, scholarships and financial aid are out there that people can utilize if they are thinking about continuing their education.  Andrea Dawn, author of this article, introduces Natalie Boos, The Business of Balayage Co-Owner, and Director of Marketing Operations.  Boos offers a no-fee class hosting policy to add to their continuing education commitment.  Boos says, “That was a priority for us when we decided to start traveling with our classes”.  We wanted this information available to all”.  When a salon owner can provide these exceptional classes, people will want to join.  Boos provides independent salon classes with detailed curriculums.  How amazing is that?  There aren’t a lot of salon owners that provide this extraordinary service to people.  According to Boos, “We’ve spent a lot of time creating curriculums that build upon one another and flow naturally for what the student is learning”.

On several occasions, I have gone to stylists for a particular style, hence, style was not achieved. This is why continuing education should be emphasized in salons.  Online classes as well as face-to-face classes should be taken advantage of in these salons.  When clients observe a cosmetologist’s work on hair and see that these stylists are really good at what they do, the price should not even be a question.  Some people may say, “You’re prices are too expensive”, but when your finished style is fabulous, there is nothing you can do but say, “Ok, I love this style and the amount is worth it”.  I would definitely recommend stylists that have been in the business for years, to participate in continuing education classes.  The competition out there is real and in order to keep up with trends and styles, go out there and get educated.

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