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Instagram – 5 Tactics for Beauty Pros to Sell More | Entrepreneur

Social media is one of the best ways for beauty pros to get your point across when it comes to selling.  Entrepreneur recommends “5 Tactics for Selling More Effectively on Instagram” in their July 18, 2017 editorial, written by Deep Patel.  By now, the majority of people around the world should have Instagram.  Once you sign up for social media, it is hard to leave, hence, you become addicted.  Instagram has millions of users from around the world; with businesses developing and sales increasing, you will be more likely to gain sales opportunities.

Instagram notes “In November (2016), we began testing a new shopping experience that made it easier for people to find, evaluate and track relevant products on Instagram. Posts with tags have an icon that makes discovery simple. If a product catches your eye, there’s a space to explore, where you can easily tap to see more details from products featured in posts, and even click to a business’s website if you’re ready to buy.”

Mary Beech, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Kate Spade New York shares with us, “traditionally, our customer had turned to Instagram for inspiration, and we’re seeing that she’s reacting positively to the new shopping experience, which allows her to seamlessly tap and shop the product – going from inspiration to information to purchase in just a few steps – we’re excited to see where the feature continues to take us”.

Instagram users view interesting posts including daily lives of others, yet some hardly notice the advertisements unless they are appealing.  When you have a really good advertisement and use significant selling tactics, you will be flourishing and will be able to sell your product efficiently.  When you watch super bowl’s commercials, people live for that; that is the way you want your advertisements to be seen on Instagram.

Here are 5 Tactics that Patel highlights for us:

  1. Create Shop-able Content:  Many people shop on Instagram, so it would be great to create shop-able content.  Viewers who are interested in purchasing products will continue to search further and make their purchases.  Instagram does not charge service fees on transactions.
  2. Promote Instagram Posts on Facebook Ads:  You are able to promote posts on Instagram through Facebook Ads channel in order for user to click to your website and the second is to have an abundance of people come to your website.  You want to get a really good sized audience.
  3. Talk About the Quality of Your Products:  To ensure customers that they will enjoy the product, you want to make your ad enticing to view.  Many people overlook the ad if it is not saying anything good about the quality of the product.  Would you prefer to see a celebrity in an advertisement or a real person?
  4. Partner Up with Influencers:  According to Entrepreneur, “Instagram offers a large number of influencers who have enormous audiences.  These influencers can help gain access to the right audience for your product or service”.  If you would like an influencer to allow your website to flourish, you will have to pay for a post and have them include something that leads to your website.
  5. Dive Deep to Understand Instagram Shopping:  Instagram usually provides new features for their users.  If you are an Instagram user, do you view the stories?  Millions of daily users have been using this platform.   Instagram shopping does not charge service fees, so it is best to take advantage of the features before they are no longer available to you.  To learn more about Instagram shopping, click here.

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