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Maximizing Your Business Potential With Product Sales

lone tree salon suite

Thinking about making the move to a Lone Tree salon suite lease? Upgrading to a modern space and becoming your own boss opens the door to many exciting perks, including the potential to dramatically boost your income. When you’re planning your strategy to increase your earnings, don’t overlook the value of selling high-end products that you believe in. If you’re feeling anxious or unsure about how to sell upscale products to clients, we’re here to ease your worries. You don’t need a background in sales to find success in selling products to your clients! Here, we share tips to help you turn Lone Tree salon suite product sales into an important aspect of your business.

Why You Should Focus on Product Sales | Lone Tree Salon Suite

For many of our Indies, selling products is a newfound skill that they’ve come to love. Many stylists haven’t had a compelling reason to focus on retailing due to measly commissions, but you’ll keep 100% of your profits from product sales as an Indie. Selling your favorite beauty products offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Higher profit margins. Since you’ll have access to our wholesale beauty supply program, you’ll receive wholesale pricing on the products you need for your services. When you stock up on must-have products, you’ll have the ability to sell them to clients at retail prices. (Wholesale cost is typically around 50% of the retail price, leaving a nice margin for you.)
  • Boost client retention. Chances are, your clients are thrilled with your talents in the salon. However, it’s difficult (or impossible) to recreate the look at home without the right products. By recommending the products you use in your studio, your clients can achieve the look they love even after they’ve left your salon. As a result, they’ll be more likely to continue re-booking with you.
  • Client education. Your clients know you’re the expert, and that’s why many are more than happy to explore your recommendations. You care about your clients, and that’s why conversations that promote education are so crucial for developing relationships. Services such as color are a big investment for the client, and it’s important to have a discussion about how to maintain the results. Don’t let your client leave the salon without having a no-pressure chat about products that will keep color looking fantastic, or talking about other products to help them achieve their beauty goals.

Tips to Start Selling

Now that we’ve explored the reasons you should start retailing, you may be feeling motivated to get started. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of “selling”, think of it as educating your clients on products.  Not sure how to begin the conversation? Try these tips:

  • Start each session with a consultation. Whether you’re working with an established client or someone you’ve just met, it’s helpful to precede the service with a consultation. Ask the guest about concerns they have, and be sure to ask open-ended questions to help you determine their needs.
  • Familiarize yourself with each product. Before you can confidently speak to the benefits of a particular product, you should be aware of what the product is meant for and how it works.
  • Choose versatile products. Your clients have unique needs, but many products are so versatile that they’ll provide beautiful results for most guests. Products like these should be your go-to, and you can keep your salon well-stocked with these bestsellers.
  • Educate during the service. After you’ve consulted with your client and have an idea of their needs and goals, you can begin choosing products to use during the service. As you progress through the appointment, be sure to talk about each product that you’re using and demonstrate how it’s used.
  • Set the product bottle in front of the client. This will encourage the guest to handle the bottle and may help them make a purchase.
  • Track your progress. Learning the skill of selling/educating on products takes time, so it’s vital to keep an eye on your metrics. Set goals and analyze the number of clients that buy products and the dollar amount that you’re bringing in from retailing each week. You may be surprised by how quickly your sales numbers grow! For example, if 8 clients a week buy $50 worth of products each, that could increase your weekly profits by approximately $200.

Lone Tree salon suite product sales is a key component to many of our Indies’ success, and you can maximize your business potential this way, too. Our wholesale beauty supply program makes it easy to stock up on the high-end products that you need to perform your services, and you can also earn Rent Rewards for purchases through this program. By implementing the tips mentioned here, you’ll be well on your way to giving yourself a raise just by providing clients with the products they need to look and feel their best.

Ready to learn more about the perks of becoming part of the Indie family? Our Market Manager, Kandice Martinez, will talk or meet with you for a complimentary analysis to determine if a Boulder, Denver or Lone Tree salon suite lease is the best fit for you. You can reach her via call or text at 303-792-8222. During this meeting, you’ll discuss additional benefits of becoming an Indie, such as continuing education opportunities, professional development, and more!