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Learn More About Our Limited Time Move In Special! Text Us Now

Exclusive Money-Saving Perks For Indie-Preneurs

Looking for ways to save money as a beauty pro? We offer money-saving perks in addition to luxury salon studio suites! Read on for more information.

At Indie Salons, we pride ourselves on offering much more than premium salon studio suites. We want each of our Indies to achieve their personal and career growth goals, and we understand that finances can play a significant role in the journey. It takes work to launch a business, and especially one that requires overhead. As part of our commitment to helping our Indies succeed, we’ve created a comprehensive set of money-saving perks that you’ll find exclusively at Indie Salons. Interested in learning more about how becoming an Indie can help you save? Here’s a look at our programs designed to help you get ahead: 

Rent Rewards and Wholesale Beauty Supply

When you’re running a beauty business, rent and supplies will be your biggest expenses. However, investing in a high-end space and products are well worth the cost (and non-negotiable if you specialize in luxury services). We created the rent rewards program to go hand-in-hand with our wholesale beauty supply program, so the rewards keep adding up. These two programs work in unison to give you the most bang for your buck. Through our wholesale beauty supply program, Indies can purchase the products they need at wholesale prices. We stock premium brands, such as Davines, OLAPLEX, Paul Mitchell, Verb, and more! The perks don’t end here–with every (wholesale) purchase, you’ll earn 10% as a rent credit. Rent rewards can be used whenever you’d like, so you can save them up to use down the road for a vacation or redeem them as you go. 

Shared Studio Options

If you’re working just a few days per week or simply want to save on rent, consider sharing a studio with someone that you trust! Unlike many other studio suites, Indie Salons offers double studios for your convenience. It’s a great way to maximize the value of your space and have some fun working with a friend. We currently have double studios open at two locations. At Indie, we also allow you to have one sublessor under you in a private studio, which is another way to share.

Continuing Education Opportunities

As a beauty professional, investing in yourself pays off. Continuing education is a must in our industry, but these classes can be pricey. Here at Indie Salons, our goal is to help each of our Indie-preneurs succeed. We’re proud to offer many discounted and complimentary opportunities for continuing education. These are often fun events that many other Indies attend, so they’re great for growing your network while also cultivating must-have skills. 

If you’ve been looking for luxury salon suites in Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree, or Cherry Creek, we encourage you to come visit us at Indie Salons. We’re all about collaboration and supporting our fellow beauty pros, so we’ve made it our mission to offer money-saving perks for Indies. The programs highlighted here are just a few of the reasons you’ll love being an Indie, and we’d love to meet with you and share more! To schedule a tour, please get in touch with our Market Director, Kandice Meylan. You can call or text her at 303-792-8222, or email us at hello@indiesalons.com