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Four Questions to Ask to Build Customer Loyalty in the Salon Business | Modern Salon

As a salon stylist, we all need to be reminded of the four questions to ask to build customer loyalty in the salon business.  Modern Salon features “The Secret to Client Loyalty”  in the July 10, 2017 article.  If you walk into a salon, you expect the best quality service and great customer service.  Imagine being in a salon where you are treated with the utmost respect from stylists.  That is definitely something to feel good about.

It is necessary to make the client feel comfortable by building a relationship of trust in the salon business.  Wouldn’t you as a stylist want you’re a first-time client to come back?  If I was a first-time client or a regular client, I would want the stylist to ask me questions so that I know I am thought of and cared about.  I wouldn’t want to think of going to a salon and I feel like the stylist doesn’t care about me and only wants my money.  I am the type of person that must ask questions and ensures that the stylist understands what I want.

Jo Blackwell-Preston, a stylist and owner of Dop Dop Salon in Manhattan says, “I ask questions, listen, and then repeat the answers back to the client so he or she knows I heard what they said.  Once I have all the information, then I make my recommendation”

Blackwell-Preston says, “For current clients, I always ask the same four questions”:

  1. “What do you like about your hair”?
  2. “What don’t you like about your hair”?
  3. “How often are you willing to maintain it-both at home and with salon visits”?
  4. “For today’s look, would you like to whisper, speak or shout”?

Stylists should be able to explain the importance of in-salon treatments.  As a client, I would like to know what products are being used in my hair, is it good for my hair, will it do damage to my hair? All of these questions regarding treatments and other products are important to me.  A stylist should choose a treatment that promotes the experience of the client.  L’Oreal recommends an in-salon treatment called Serie Expert Powermix.  L’Oreal says, “This product enhances the client’s experience and their hair.  The treatment is composed of a base liquid and an additive liquid that are mixed together to transform into a creamy mask”.

Imagine being offered a free treatment as a new client.    Blackwell says, “I offer my clients the first Powermix treatment for free and then they’re hooked.    I tell them to feel their hair before and after the treatment to see the difference”.  Now that is great client loyalty and being a first-time client, I would feel appreciated.

Stylists can finish their service with take home products.  It is a great idea to offer clients products after their service if they decide to use at home if they are unable to make it to the salon.

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