TED Talk Video – The Beauty Experience

A Darwinian Theory of Beauty by Denis Dutton

For those in the beauty industry we begin in imitation, we appreciate the works of others. It is how we learn the “proper” haircut, the “right” shaded of red, and the “correct” lipstick color.  See…it is not only because an authority figure (teacher, boss, or role- model) told us that they are beautiful but because we notice that others like it too. With experience we start to move away from the guidelines, understanding that beauty is not just aesthetic but also emotional. We start to connect the emotion behind our clients want to cut her hair, adjusting her desire, to the knowledge of what would aesthetically fit her face. Yet sometimes we go out of that knowing that the emotion is much more important. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

What would someone like Charles Darwin say about Beauty? Denis Dutton takes us back to fossils and cave paintings in his 2010 TED talk: A Darwinian theory of beauty. Dr. Dutton, a philosophy professor who suggests that humans are hard- wired to seek beauty says, “… I personally have no doubt whatsoever that the experience of beauty, with its emotional intensity and pleasure belongs to our evolved human psychology”. He explains that one component of Darwin’s theory of adaptation is the experience of beauty due to its changing nature. In the beauty industry we often see clients coming in to get hair, skin and/or nails done because they are going on dates or have met someone of interest. The experience of beauty is adaptive, much like natural selection. Beauty can, and will often times draw you to someone, arousing and sustaining your interest, allowing for survival and reproduction. Did you know that shell necklaces and ochre body paint were, found from around 100,000 years ago? Stylists existed even then ;-). As Dr. Dutton says, “Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? No, it’s deep in our minds. It’s a gift handed down from the intelligent skills and rich emotional lives of our most ancient ancestors.”.

As the experience of beauty adapts to our ever-changing survival needs, make sure you are adapting with it to bring your clients to the next level!

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