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The Benefits of Healthy Posture – Fighting Tech Neck

Are you one of those people who spend 4 to 8 hours texting, tweeting and typing on smart phones and tablets?  Beware of Tech Neck!

American Spa highlights the importance of having healthy posture in the June 1, 2017 edition written by Steven Weiniger, author.  This interesting topic will make you think about how you use your tech devices and understand why your health is important.  Basically, tech neck is a new posture syndrome that may have major health effects. When you look down on a phone, it actually increases joint stress, allowing your phone to be a pain.  Weiniger highlights,  “According to a recent study, looking down at your phone or computer with just 15 degrees of forward head tilt more than doubles the pressure on the neck and upper back”.  An adult’s head usually weighs 10 to 12 pounds when it is in a neutral position.  As soon as your head tilts forward, imagine the amount of weight your neck has to support will increase rapidly. According to American Spa, “researchers found tilting your head forward just 15 degrees surges the amount of pressure on your spine by an astounding 27 pounds!

Depending on how far forward your phone habits make you tilt your head, it can add up to a whopping 60 pounds of pressure on your neck and spine!”  We really should consider how much time we spend on our phones, tablets, laptops, etc, when your head is tilted down whether you are texting, surfing, playing games, and reading on smart phones, there is increased pressure on the neck and it adds up and stresses the spinal joints and discs.  It is even worse when the younger generation uses these devices.  Women in college spend 10 hours a day on their devices, while men in college spend 8 hours.  We should definitely minimize the use of these devices, unless it is work and school related.  When we do repetitive tasks for hours a day, it changes our body posture tremendously.  There have been complaints by patients when they are visiting doctors’ offices from middle school age to older adults.  These individuals are complaining of neck aches, back pain and pinched nerves with many screening signs of arthritis.

Tech neck actually causes more than muscle and joint pain.  Complaints of vision problems and early lines / wrinkles are quite common.  There are new studies that show sitting and texting posture come with breathing problems, heart disease and other conditions.

American Spa offers some great tips, Move more – Take active posture breaks during the day, Keep a level head; Lift phone to eye-level, pull your elbows in and roll your shoulders back and down, keep your core engaged as it supports your torso, which supports your neck.  Just 10 minutes a day may be the trick to help  you to sit and stand taller.

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