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What Can New Hair Stylists, Estheticians & Beauty Professionals Learn from Doing Good?

The best Hair Stylists, Estheticians and Beauty Professionals are renown for doing good, giving back and caring for their clients and communities.  If you are just staring your career and a booth renter, chair renter or studio renter, there is much to be learned from others.  We thought we would share an excellent New York Times article that brightened our day.

The New York Times summarizes Why Doing Good is Great for the person doing the good deeds in a October 26, 2017 article written by Nicole Karlis.  There have been several disasters these past few months, but looking on the bright side, there have also been an outpouring of donations and generous people helping out and volunteering.  In an event of a natural disaster, there are so many people that may come together and help out in the time of need.  Sometimes we wonder how we will get through these disasters and what we can do to help other people. Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston and Hurricane Irma/Maria destroyed parts of the Caribbean and caused wildfires burning in Northern California.  There have been an abundance of volunteers and donations given to charities.  The tremendous amount of support is critical for helping affected communities to get back. But acts of generosity benefit the do-gooder, too.

“Research suggests that these community social connections are as important for resilience to disaster is as physical material like disaster kits or medical supplies,” explained Ichiro Kawachi, a professor of social epidemiology at Harvard’s School of Public Health. “Voluntarism is good for the health of people who receive social support, but also good for the health of people who offer their help.”  It is great to know there are some good people out there.  Cristina Topham and her boyfriend immediately looked for ways to donate and help after they evacuated as a result of the fires in Sonoma, California.  Christina mentioned that the destruction was shocking and she felt like doing something.  Volunteering can be great benefits to lower blood pressure and decrease mortality rates.  Many people volunteer after a natural disaster, but donating on a regular basis is beneficial.  Dr. Linda Fried, co-founded Experience Corps, a program that engages retirees as literacy tutors, after she discovered a strong association between a sense of purpose and well-being throughout life. “Older adults who volunteered to help children with reading and writing tended to experience less memory loss and maintain greater physical mobility, one study suggested.”  The NY Times states that “Dr. Richard Davidson, neuroscientist and founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin, has been studying the effects of positive emotions, such as compassion and kindness, on the brain since 1990s”.  We all know each person is different and practicing acts of kindness will allow you to reach far.

It is a great experience to help others in situations when they cannot help themselves.  When we are generous to other people, the experience of positive emotion may be more enduring.

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