Indie Salons Works with the Best Beauty Professionals on Social Media Training

Wondering How the Best Stylists Elevate Their Social Media Status?

You probably have been wondering how the best stylists elevate their social media status.  The bad news:  like daily exercise, healthy eating and all of the good things in life, it takes a daily commitment to taking small actions – each and every day for the rest of your career.

The good news:  every investment that you make in yourself, every day, will pay off like compound interest.  Like the world’s greatest inventor, Warren Buffett, is quoted as saying:  “My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.”

American Salon, one of the professional styling industry’s premier publications, captures  insights from “social media giants” including Sam Villa, Tracey Cunningham, Tabatha Coffey, George Papanikolas, Anh Co Tran, Johnny Ramirez and Guido Palau.

Collectively, they have an astounding 1.75 million followers!  Highlights below that you should print out and tape to the back of your Smart Phone.

  • Sharing Best Practices:  Be inspired and Relevant.
    • Anh Co: loves fashion and that has “carried over into my haircutting.  This is what still inspires me to this day”.
    • Tracey Cunningham:  shares “client photos, color formulas and shots of wherever I may be visiting around the globe.”
  • Most Memorable Posts:
    • Sam Villa:  “One little clip put us on the map!  People are looking for little tidbits – simple things they can do.”  Sam Villa made a video of how to make a “pefrectly arched fringe”.  Content should be “simple, shareable and compelling”.
    • Johnny Ramirez:  started his blog nine years ago with “10 pictures showing my Lived in Color technique”.  The posts went viral and were widely circulated, and they are still requested to this day!  He advises to “feature transformations – people love to see before and after photos”.
    • Guido Palau:  takes backstage photos himself, “as opposed to having a photographer”.  “It feels very fresh and new” he notes.
  • Maintaining a Healthy Social Media presence:
    • Tracy Cunningham:  take the time to respond to comments.  “Whenever I have 30 minutes to spare (which is rare!), I log onto social media to respond to comments from followers and check out other friends’ and client posts”.
    • Sam Villa:  “Look at magazines, runways, award shows and celebrity world, so you can stay current”.

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