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A Few of Our Favorite Salon Suite Décor Ideas

Shared Salon Suites for Rent in Boulder, Denver & Colorado

Signing your new salon studio lease is one of the most exciting steps imaginable! If you’re looking forward to moving into your new space and making it your own, décor is likely one of the first priorities on your mind. At Indie Salons, we not only encourage you to let your creativity shine–we also help out with studio setup (completely free of charge). Need some inspiration first? Here are a few of our favorite, on-trend décor ideas for your salon suite. Many of our Indies’ studios are excellent examples of these ideas, so be sure to follow our Instagram account for more sources of inspo: 

Statement Lighting 

Regardless of your niche within the beauty industry, we can all agree that flattering lighting is a must. While each of our studios is equipped with modern lighting, you can take it up a notch with a statement piece. A chandelier or other eye-catching lighting can instantly add some glam to the room. When choosing additional lighting, just be sure that it fits well with the aesthetic of the space and doesn’t cast any unwanted shadows. Gather some inspo from some of our current suite owners here and here.

Retail Displays

While there is certainly a time and a place for minimalist design, your studio may feel a bit bare without anything on display. If you’re searching for a way to tie everything together, consider displaying retail products. As an Indie, you can benefit from our wholesale beauty supply program (which means access to luxury products at wholesale prices, plus rewards with every purchase). If you want to focus on product sales as part of your business strategy, creatively displaying your favorite products is a great way to catch clients’ attention. One of our Indies showcases products on a ladder shelf, which we love!  For retail displays set up by Indies, check out these ideas.


If you want to add a pop of color or a pattern to your studio, wallpaper is a fantastic way to achieve this look. Modern wallpaper is available in just about any hue or design you can dream up. Even if you can’t find what you’re envisioning, you can order customized products. Wallpaper is an awesome option for studio décor because it’s super easy to apply (peel and stick for the win!) and doesn’t damage the walls when it’s time to change things up. You can see some examples on our IG here.  


Want your clients to feel relaxed and at ease the moment they step into your salon? Decorating with plants is a tried-and-true strategy for creating a spa-like ambiance. Fresh flowers are always a great choice, or you could take it in another direction with a snake plant or philodendron. 

Your salon studio lease is an investment in your career and a reflection of who you are, so we firmly believe that you should decorate as you please! Looking forward to designing your blank canvas of a studio? When you’re ready to tour our locations in Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree, or Cherry Creek, please reach out to our Market Director, Kandice Meylan. You can call or text Kandice at 303-792-8222 or email us at hello@indiesalons.com to start the conversation.