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Ideas for Naming Your New Beauty Business

You’ve put in the time to build loyal clientele, crunched the numbers, and spent years dedicating yourself to your craft. You know what it takes to become a business owner, and you’re ready to take the next step to launch your brand as an independent entrepreneur. Now it’s just time to name your business and find the perfect studio salon. The name of your business is incredibly important, and can instantly capture (or lose) the attention of potential clients. Whether you want to keep your business name simple or go with something creative and clever, you may find it helpful to review some tips for naming your brand. Here are a few of our favorite factors to take into consideration when it comes to giving your business a noteworthy name: 

Descriptive Names 

Sometimes it pays to leave no room for misinterpretation. If you want to simplify your brand, go with a name that’s descriptive. This strategy will ensure that it’s easy for clients to understand what your business is all about and find you among competitors. Plus, descriptive names can help boost brand recognition. 


If you have a great business name in mind that might be too wordy, see if it can be turned into an acronym! Acronym business names are often highly recognizable and naturally draw the eye on a page. Some of the world’s most influential brands operate under an acronym–for example, IBM (International Business Machines) and BMW (Berlin Motor Works), so there’s no reason you can’t shorten your business name, as well. 

Incorporate Your Own Name

As a professional within the beauty industry, your name should instantly evoke your work. In our industry, it often makes sense to use your own name as part of your business title. It adds a personal touch to your services and helps clients associate you (and your salon) with your niche. 

For many of us, naming a business isn’t a simple task. However, it’s certainly an aspect of business ownership that matters. The name you choose for your beauty business is instrumental in branding and making a first impression with clients, so it’s vital to choose one with care (although it’s never too late to rebrand if needed). If you’re looking forward to going all in with your beauty business, we’re here to support you every step of the way! Indie Salons offers everything you need to grow and thrive as an independent entrepreneur. Each location is designed with upscale features, and your studio salon is a blank canvas for you to make your own (and we provide complimentary setup assistance). To learn more about what makes our community so special, please contact our Market Director, Kandice Meylan. You can reach Kandice at 303-792-8222. Give her a call or text to set up a consultation or schedule a tour of our amazing studios.