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Beauty Blogs: Indie’s Top Picks

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If you’re committed to making 2023 your best year yet, you may be on the lookout for new ideas to incorporate into your business model. There are many factors involved in keeping your studio salon busy, and one strategy to implement is staying on top of the latest beauty trends. Beauty bloggers are a great source of inspiration! Frequenting these sites can help you find the best products, discover new ideas, and serve as conversation starters with clients. Interested in finding a few blogs or publications to follow? Here, we share some of our top picks: 

Behind the Chair

We’re strong believers that every stylist should be following behindthechair.com. This site is widely regarded as the internet’s largest community of salon professionals. At behindthechair.com, you’ll find everything from detailed how-tos to product recommendations (and much, much more). If you’re ever stuck on how to achieve a look or need inspiration for client recommendations, be sure to bookmark Behind the Chair!

American Salon

Like Behind the Chair, American Salon is a leading source of relevant and trusted information for beauty pros. This publication is a bit more diverse than behindthechair.com, and features resources for professionals across all specializations. American Salon places a high priority on storytelling, which makes for great reading.

Beauty is Boring

Makeup artists looking for tips from an internationally-acclaimed expert will want to follow Beauty is Boring. Artist and influencer Robin Black founded beautyisboring.com in 2012 as a personal outlet, and the site has since gained devotees around the globe. Robin is known for her out-of-the-box approach to makeup, and you’re sure to find some inventive tips and tricks on this blog. 

The Beauty Look Book

Sometimes, you need to follow a blogger for your own entertainment and it’s a bonus if you find some new tips or products along the way. If you’re looking for a more low-key blog that touches on all aspects of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, we love The Beauty Look Book. This site highlights a plethora of beauty products in mini sizes, which are perfect for including in gift bags! 

The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department is another blog that encompasses a wide array of topics. Whether you’re a hairstylist, makeup artist, esthetician, or nail technician, you can find articles of interest here. This blog features an excellent selection of content, ranging from how-tos to showcasing new trends. 

Beauty Launchpad

If you love keeping up with all things fashion, you should definitely check out Beauty Launchpad. This blog has entire sections dedicated to cut and color tutorials and think pieces, which are always helpful to keep an eye on. On the site, you’ll also find articles on products, business strategy, and the latest news in beauty. Beauty Launchpad’s Instagram presence is especially prevalent, so be sure to give them a follow to stay up to date with what’s new on the blog. 

To rise to the top of your field, it’s critical to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. Following respected publications and bloggers with large followings can help you stay apprised of the latest trends, techniques, and up-and-coming brands. We recommend giving the blogs and websites mentioned here that are relevant for you a follow as part of your strategy to stay at the top of your game. If you’re ready to find a luxe studio salon to take your business to new heights, we invite you to schedule a tour of Indie Salons. We have locations in Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree, and Cherry Creek, and we offer perks you won’t find anywhere else. Interested in learning more? Contact our Market Director, Kandice Meylan. You can reach Kandice by call or text at 303-792-8222 or email us at hello@indiesalons.com.