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How Pre-Appointment Consultations Can Solve Your Scheduling Woes

How Pre-Appointment Consultations Can Solve Your Scheduling Woes

As a busy beauty pro, you’re more than likely on the search for ways to optimize your time. It can be a struggle to keep your schedule moving while spending enough one-on-one time with each client. If you want to make the most of every moment that you spend in your beauty studio, you need to know about the benefits of pre-appointment consultations. Taking the time to check in with clients ahead of time is helpful for many reasons, which we’ll outline below. Interested in giving this strategy a try? Here’s how to leverage the power of pre-appointment consultations: 

What is a Pre-Appointment Consultation? 

We’ve all been there–the client is already running late, but you know it’ll take 15 minutes to go over what they’re envisioning when they arrive. When you’re working for yourself, every second counts, so it’s frustrating when your entire schedule gets delayed. Enter: the pre-appointment consultation. 

A pre-appointment consultation may not be a magic solution to ensure that each client arrives on time (wouldn’t that be awesome?!), but it can certainly help cut down on scheduling issues. As you probably guessed, this type of consultation is held before the client arrives for the appointment. You can do this however you prefer, such as sending out a text the day before requesting photos of what your client has in mind. Some Indies like to add a personal touch by scheduling a short video call to go over the details. 

Why This Strategy Works 

A pre-appointment consultation is helpful in many different ways, including serving as an appointment reminder. No-shows are among beauty pros’ biggest headaches, so we like to do everything we can to avoid them. Sending out an appointment reminder is crucial, and a great way to do this is reach out a day or two in advance. 

If you want to try out pre-appointment consultations, let clients know that you’d love to chat with them for a few minutes about their upcoming appointment. If you want to keep it simple, you can skip the phone call and just ask them to send over inspiration. When you have an idea of what they’re hoping to accomplish, you can make a game plan together. It’s a win-win: your clients will come into the appointment ready to get started, and you’ll enjoy more control over your schedule. 

There are many perks to being your own boss, including setting your own schedule, and this is one way to maximize your schedule.  If you’re looking for ways to bring more organization to your beauty studio, implementing a pre-appointment consultation policy is a great start. If you want to take your business to the next level, we invite you to become a part of our wonderful community here at Indie Salons. In addition to luxe studios in Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree, and Cherry Creek, we offer programs such as wholesale beauty supply and our exclusive rent rewards program. To schedule a tour and learn more about becoming an Indie, please contact our Market Director. Please call or text Kandice at 303-792-8222 or send us an email at