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Staying Safe in Today’s Environment: The Advantages of a Private Salon Studio

Lone Tree salon studio

The novel coronavirus is expected to cause long-term changes to our way of life. If you’ve been thinking about making the move from a busy salon environment to a private studio salon, now is one of the best times to explore this opportunity. In today’s new environment, having your own space offers a host of perks to keep yourself and your clients as safe as possible. Interested in learning more about why it pays to become an Indie? Here, we share a few of our Indie’s favorite advantages of having a private Lone Tree salon studio:

One-On-One Experience in your Lone Tree Salon Studio

If you’re currently in a commission-based position or renting a booth at a large salon, you know just how little control you have over your environment.  When you choose to rent a private studio salon, you and your clients will reap the benefits of a one-on-one experience. Building close client relationships is always a plus, but limiting the number of people in your space is even more advantageous while coronavirus concerns persist.

Maintain Optimal Cleanliness

It’s difficult to stay on top of cleanliness while you’re working in a busy salon environment. If you’re currently sharing shampoo bowls and products with other beauty professionals, it may be challenging to ensure that each individual is properly sanitizing before and after touching shared items. By renting a private studio suite, you’ll have complete control of the cleanliness of your space. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is only used by yourself (or a trusted partner), and you can thoroughly sanitize the space after seeing each client.

You Set Your Schedule

As of this writing, the state of Colorado is limiting crowds to 10 people or less. If you’re working in a salon, you are probably experiencing a different than usual schedule to comply with state guidelines. Many salons exceed 10 people in a common area, so a private studio offers the opportunity to continue on your normal schedule in compliance with DORA guidelines.  You work with your clients to set your schedule, and you are free to create the client experience you desire in your private studio environment.

During these unprecedented times, a space that’s all yours is more valuable than ever before. In addition to keeping yourself and your clients away from large crowds, renting a private Lone Tree salon studio with us provides opportunities for increased earnings and much more! The Indie Salons team is a supportive network of beauty professionals that’s unlike any other. Our Indies love our unique community: the camaraderie here is a breath of fresh air for many who’ve made the transition from a hectic or unsupportive work environment. Plus, Indies benefit from an abundance of continuing education opportunities and unlimited potential for earnings from product sales. Our rent rewards program makes it easy to earn credit toward your rent, just by selling the products you believe in.

Ready to learn more about why it’s awesome to be an Indie at one of our Lone Tree, Boulder or Denver locations? Contact our Market Manager, Kandice Martinez, for more information to determine whether making the transition to entrepreneurship is right for you. You can reach Kandice via call or text at 303-792-8222. We look forward to hearing from you!