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Social Media Marketing Tips for Keeping Your Studio Packed

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At Indie Salons, we provide Indie-preneurs with a supportive foundation to help each individual business grow and succeed. In addition to our modern salon studios for rent, we believe it’s just as important to share creative, savvy tips for engaging current clients and attracting new ones.  As an Indie-preneur, it can take time to learn the ins and outs of marketing your salon and services. Here are a few tips to help your studio salon and services shine on social media and keep your booking schedule full. 

Take Advantage of Our Selfie Station

After each cut, color, or makeover, ask your client’s permission to post a photo of them on your business’s social media page. Many people love getting their picture taken and would welcome the chance to show off their new look in front of a professional, customizable selfie station. Your logo is displayed on the photo for branding and your client receives the photo, as well, so encourage them to post it across their social channels, too. 

Offer Instagram Service Giveaways 

Everyone loves a good deal. To increase followers, build brand awareness, and distribute your contact info, host Instagram giveaways. Ensure that the conditions for entry require participants to share the giveaway, follow your page, and tag your business. Perhaps you’d like to offer a free bang cut or 10% off color. If there is a particular service you would like to highlight, create a discount for that service and promote it on your social platforms to build up your clientele. 

Post Frequently and Consistently 

Attract new clients by showing off your talents on social media. Post attention-grabbing before/after photos, innovative hairstyles, stunning bridal makeup, makeovers, or other specialties that highlight your skillsets. Posting every couple of days to start is a great way to remain relevant while getting your feet wet. As you grow a larger following, post more frequently to keep the interest and build momentum. In addition to sharing photos of your stellar services, snap some pics when new product comes in, or to say thank you to a client, group, or event. 

Include Social Media Links in Correspondence

Including your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. on emailed appointment confirmations, receipts, or reminder messages helps channel clients to your feeds. Current clients can opt to follow you and leave reviews on your social media pages. They can also share your photos with their friends and send you referral business. 

Social media works incredibly well for salon professionals motivated to ramp up their appointment books; after all, potential clients will want to see the type of work you do. Take advantage of photo-sharing platforms and expand your client base to pack your Indie Salons space. 

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