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Tips for Starting Your Salon Studio

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Indie Salons gives beauty industry professionals the opportunity to start and/or grow their businesses by providing vital support and unique, luxury salon studio spaces. By offering business assistance and encouraging creative freedom, we help Indie-preneurs dedicate time and attention to the essentials: focusing on your client base and improving your skillsets. Indie Salons offers personal salon space in a variety of sizes, prices, and lease options to fit your needs. If you’re interested in being your own boss and growing your brand, here’s what you need to know.

Lay Out Your Goals

Lay out short and long-term goals for your business. What would you like to accomplish with your beauty studio space? What kind of schedule do you want to keep? Will you be fully booked with your current client list or would you like to add new clients to your existing client base? Do you want to create your dream studio on your own, or share the space with a friend?  Indie Salons puts the power in your hands to choose your own business path and see it through.  

In a nutshell, we provide business support so you can focus on reaching your dreams. During your tour, we will sit down with you and offer a one-on-one consultation. Through this process, we will help you determine goals that will help you decide where your time, money, and efforts are best spent. 

Build Your Brand 

Traditional salons dictate the décor, design, and business plan, so you’re stuck conforming to the company’s aesthetic and practices. Now, you get to build your own brand, select your own colors, furnishings, tools, and more. 

As an Indie-preneur, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your rented beauty studio space to show off your brand. We offer high-quality furnishings and luxury furniture at a discount that you may choose to rent or purchase when customizing your space, or you may bring your own furnishings. Our Indie-preneurs adorn their personal salon space to showcase their talents, services, and personal aesthetic. You’ll love the open environment and community feel!

Market Your Services

Once you’ve decided to lease your own luxury salon studio space with Indie Salons, you’ll want to market your brand, services, and skills to your existing clients and to prospective new ones. We offer marketing support to help you succeed. 

Create your dedicated web profile page on our website to let existing and potential clients learn more about your business. Use our Indie Selfie Station with your clients to create content for your social media sites and to encourage clients to post photos of themselves on the various social channels with your logo. And, consider participating in Indie’s sponsored community activities and educational events. 

Be Your Own Boss

You’ve laid out your business goals, leased a beauty studio space, created marketing content, and are set up or are setting up to run your own company. This is a huge step and so exciting! To foster success, Indie Salons provides you with a free credit card reader, discounts on merchant services and furnishings,  a wholesale professional beauty supply program, a rent rewards program, hi-speed Wi-Fi, a scheduling app, and convenient parking for you and your clients.

Indie Salons also offers fantastic amenities like a break room, washer and dryer, common area housekeeping, a security system, and more. 

We understand that starting your own business can be intimidating and exciting at the same time. At Indie Salons, we help get your business off the ground by providing high-quality support, including marketing and business help, luxury salon studio spaces, access to great wholesale professional beauty supply products that your clients will love, and so much more. Contact us today and get started on your professional journey!