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Ideas to Help Beauty Business Owners Boost Their Income

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If you’re ready to jump into the world of business ownership, there’s no doubt you’re on the search for strategies to keep your studio salon busy all year round. You’ll need to have business savvy to achieve your salon’s full potential. Not sure how to stand out and keep your schedule packed? Here’s how you can get creative with your policies and practices: 

Set Consistent Business Hours 

Although it may seem like a smart move to offer unlimited hours, you will end up working until you are burned out. Your clients will appreciate and understand the need for consistent business hours (however, see caveat below!), and you’ll walk into your studio salon feeling refreshed each day. Once you’ve set standard hours for your services, your client base will know what to expect, and your most loyal customers will happily book appointments weeks in advance. 

Pro tip: Ask each client to set their next appointment as soon as you wrap up, while they are feeling great from the services you just delivered! 

Charge After-Hours and No-Show Fees 

Your time is valuable, and it can throw off your entire schedule when clients are late or fail to show up. To encourage timely arrivals, consider charging late and/or no-show fees. This policy reminds clients to keep in touch if they’re going to be late or need to cancel, which can make a world of difference in your work environment. If you choose to go this path, be sure to let your clients know in writing as soon as they book an appointment. 

Similar to late fees, after-hours fees can be a great way to boost your income. And here’s the caveat to setting consistent hours: After-hours appointments may be advantageous for all involved. You’ll keep your clients happy by offering an accommodation to their schedule, and you’ll also benefit from some extra income in exchange for your flexibility. Some customers work late, so offering unconventional hours could help you build an even larger client base. To avoid burnout, block yourself out for some “me time” earlier in the day.   

Charge an Hourly Rate 

Most hairstylists set pricing by the service, but many are beginning to make the transition toward hourly rates. If your clients require in-depth services and you’re not earning as much as you’d hoped, it may be time to switch to hourly rates. This practice is becoming more common in the beauty community, but it’s not for everyone, so take some time to determine whether it’s the best fit for you. 

Keep Prices Updated Online 

It’s frustrating for all involved when prices on your website aren’t up to date. If you’ve published them, be sure to keep them current so you’ll save time for both your clients and yourself. Maintaining your website is a crucial component of running a business, so it’s best to get into the habit of updating it on a regular basis. 

Add Services and Professional Products

Are you making the most of the opportunity with each client? If your client is receiving a cut, be sure to ask them if they’d like to add on a gloss, for example, to their service. There are so many specialty products and services you can offer your clients to make them feel even more beautiful, and this maximizes profits for you while giving your clients a little extra pep in their step.  

Professional products are specially formulated to maintain your client’s incredible look, so advising them on which products will help them look their best is a win/win. Your customer just made an investment in that beautiful balayage, foilage, extensions, etc, and the right professional product will help them retain that look longer. At Indie, you can use your own professional products. Or, consider our extensive wholesale professional beauty supply program. It lets you provide professional products to your clients while putting more profit in your pocket, and purchases give you a rent credit through our Rent Rewards Program, so it’s a win/win/win!  

Keep up with the Latest Trends

When you’re on your own, keeping up with your professional education can be a challenge. You want to offer your clients the best, and more complex services allow you to boost your income, so it’s important you keep up with the newest trends. Investing in yourself is key. We make it easy by offering professional education classes, including beauty and business classes, some of which are complimentary to Indie-preneurs.  

The success of your studio salon depends on many factors, and the tips mentioned here may help you boost your income. Whichever strategies you choose, you’ll also need support from a team who’s got the tools to help you succeed. We believe in you. If you’re interested in joining a supportive community, get in touch with our Indie Salons team. We offer luxury studio space, in addition to business support, ongoing education, and a professional wholesale beauty supply program to help turn your dreams into reality. To book a tour of our brand new premium salon spaces, give us a text or a call!