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Tips for Preparing Your Beauty Business for the New Year

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Ready to make 2024 the best year yet for your business? This is the perfect time to start prepping your studio salon for the New Year. Whether you’re an established business owner or you’re new to renting your own space, the tips we share here will help you get ahead. 

Revisit Your Business Plan

Before each new year begins, take some time to check in on your business plan. Make a point to identify what’s working, and what needs to be modified for the future. This is a great opportunity to evaluate your prices, consider a slight price increase this year, and evaluate your expenses to ensure that you strike the ideal balance so your business can thrive. Need assistance with your business plan? We’re always here to help our Indies. When you’re part of our community, we are happy to consult and collaborate with you. 

Stock Up on New Products

The beauty industry is fast-paced, and you’ll need to keep up with the latest professional products to retain top clientele, while at the same time balancing your investment in inventory. If you offered holiday specials on products to clear your inventory, this is an excellent time to stock up on new products that you need. Indies have access to our wholesale beauty supply program, so you’ll have the chance to purchase products at wholesale prices, make a profit selling these products to your clients at retail prices, and earn rewards for your wholesale purchases that are applied toward your rent.  This can be a significant financial benefit for you and your business; we are happy to help you evaluate and plan in this area!  

Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

The holidays offer a unique opportunity to make new connections with clients, and it’s wise to nurture those relationships all year round. After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has passed, use this time to update your marketing outreach and get creative to set you and your salon studio apart. Whether you keep it simple with an Instagram account to show off your work, or you design a rewards program to keep clients coming back on a recurring schedule, your business will benefit from a focused strategy.

Make the Most of the Clients you Have

Rebooking with each client before they leave your chair is good for you and good for your client.  If you haven’t been doing this, make it a goal and a practice for 2024.  Be sure to assess your client base, as well. Do you have clients who come to you solely for haircuts, that you can add on a gloss or convert to color clients, too?  You want to serve your client’s needs, but sometimes a suggestion of something new can really bring their hair to life and benefit your business, as well.

If you’re committed to making 2024 your most successful year yet, the tips mentioned here will help you achieve your goals. Being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry is thrilling, but can be challenging on occasion, so it’s helpful to have a supportive community by your side. When you’re ready to join a tight-knit family of likeminded individuals, consider becoming an Indie-preneur. We offer so much more than just a studio salon. In addition to a personalized space and complete freedom to forge your own path, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in continuing education seminars, celebrate the personal and professional successes of your peers, and earn rewards for stocking up on must-have products. Whenever you’re in need of business advice or insight, our Market Manager Kandice Martinez is happy to provide support. Ready to take a tour of our brand new, gorgeous salons and get a feel for what makes our community great? Contact us today to arrange a meeting.