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Private, Shared, or Double: Which Studio is Right For Me?

Lone Tree salon studio lease

Have you been thinking about making the transition from a salon to a business owner? In many cases, this decision has the potential to significantly boost earnings and/or improve work/life balance. (See our blog posts on moving from a commission-based position to a private studio and from a booth rental to a studio salon for […]

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Invest In Yourself: Why Education is the Key to Success in the Beauty Industry

beauty pro continuing education

The beauty industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving. To retain top clientele, you’ll need to keep your skills sharp and continue to explore new trends, techniques, and cutting-edge products. At Indie Salons Luxury Studios, we believe that beauty pro continuing education is one of the most important ways that a Boulder beauty pro can invest in […]

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Case Study: Making the Upgrade From Booth Rental to a Private Studio Salon

private studio salon

Thinking about making 2020 your year to become a business owner? If you’re currently renting a booth and sharing a shampoo bowl, making the transition to a Denver, Boulder, or Lone Tree studio salon provides an opportunity to create your own brand and experience for your clients (with your own shampoo bowl 😊), while being […]

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Case Study: From Commission Stylist to Beauty Entrepreneur – How a Salon Studio Rental Can Significantly Boost Your Income

commision stylist salon studio rental

Ready to supercharge your beauty business in 2020? Are you a Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree area commission stylist at a salon, and do your clients keep coming back to you, year after year?  If so, then investing in a salon studio rental has the potential to boost your pre-tax earnings by $35,000 per year […]

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Goal Setting for Your Beauty Business in 2020

beauty business goal setting stylists make more money

The beginning of each new year is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your progress as an entrepreneur and plan for the future of your Denver beauty business. If you’re considering making the jump into business ownership, a salon suite lease may provide opportunities to expand your horizons. If you’re in the process of determining a […]

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Keeping Your Studio Packed

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At Indie Salons, we provide Indie-preneurs with a supportive foundation to help each individual business grow and succeed. In addition to our modern salon studios for rent, we believe it’s just as important to share creative, savvy tips for engaging current clients and attracting new ones.  As an Indie-preneur, it can take time to learn […]

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