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Learn More About Our Limited Time Move In Special! Text Us Now

New Year, New Studio: Tips for Moving Your Beauty Business

tips for moving a beauty business

The start of the new year is the perfect time for setting big goals and chasing your dreams. If you’re ready to take your beauty business to the next level, investing in yourself by signing a salon studio lease may be the best decision you can make for your career. Although it can be a little intimidating to take the next step, there are several ways to help ensure that your clientele will make the switch to your new location. Before you make the move to a private or shared beauty studio, consider the tips we share here to streamline the moving process:

Keep in Touch

When you’re preparing to make the move to a new location, staying in touch with your clients is crucial. If you have clients’ contact info on hand for outreach such as email marketing, be sure to include all the details about your upcoming move in an email or a newsletter. Don’t participate in email marketing? Don’t be afraid to ask clients for a phone number or email address for appointment reminders and other updates (such as your new address).  Text messages work well too, it’s just a matter of which communication method you prefer.

Business Transition Checklist

Wouldn’t it be great if someone thought through the details you need to coordinate as you move your business? At Indie, we have!  We are experts as this, and make things as easy and smooth as possible for you, that’s why we have our Welcome Kit and Checklist process. After you sign your lease, Kandice (our Market Manager) will meet with you to determine which elements apply for you in your move. And our team also supports you in creating your dream salon studio! 

Set Up a Google Business Profile

When you’ve secured your suite at a new location, be sure to also set up a Google Business profile page to make it easy for new and established clients to find you. In addition to your contact information, including a few photos of your studio and details about your services will ensure that you’re accessible and may even help you expand your client base. Be sure to ask your clients to leave reviews, to help you as you launch your new business!

If you’re ready to increase your earnings and take control of your schedule, moving into a private studio is an excellent career move. Investing in a salon studio lease is a significant step, but as an Indie, you’ll have a tight-knit network of beauty pros to help you every step along the way. From move-in assistance to continuing education opportunities, we’re here to help you along the path to success. Ready to learn more about our locations and take a tour? Please contact our Market Manager, Kandice Meylan. Call or text Kandice at 303-792-8222 to schedule a consultation.