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Types of Businesses Successfully Moving into Salon Studios

Types of Businesses Successfully Moving into Salon Studios | Salon Studio Lease

Interested in pursuing your dreams of becoming a business owner and building upon your existing client base? You may benefit from a salon studio lease that comes with the perks of business and strategic support. It can feel overwhelming to take the leap from being an employee into business ownership, but our team at Indie Salons is here to help make the transition seamless and empowering. If you’ve considered moving into a luxury studio space but are hesitant to broach the unknown, we’re here to give you the encouragement and support that you need to succeed.

Curious about the types of businesses that keep their studios packed? See if yours is included in our list below (and if it’s not, get in touch with us about becoming a trailblazer in your field!).

Hair Care

Hair stylists (or should we say hair artists) are an essential part of our Indie-preneur family. Although you rely on your talent and interpersonal skills to keep clients happy, the aesthetic of your environment and salon space is just as important. First impressions are crucial, so show off the essence of your amazing skills and business with a customized and spacious studio. Create your own atmosphere and experience to connect with your clients, and enjoy real focus and freedom in your own space. You and your clients deserve the best!

Skin Enhancement Services

Experienced estheticians are in high demand, especially in cities like Boulder and Denver. If you offer high-quality skin enhancement services, you’ll feel right at home as an Indie-preneur. You’ll want a gorgeous space for administering services such as facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and skin contouring. Our team will help connect you with the best studio to fit your needs.

Lash and Brow Treatments

Lash and brow treatments are a glamorous treat, so a skilled hand combined with a luxury salon space will keep clients coming back for more. Whether your business focuses exclusively on lashes and brows or you offer a plethora of services, you may find that you’re earning more than ever once you move into a premium studio in a prime location.

Nail Experts

Nail care professionals flourish when they have a beautiful salon space to enjoy. For many, manicures and pedicures instantly brighten up a stressful day and provide a much-needed opportunity for bonding or catching up with their nail expert. The best clients are often particular about the salon setting and gravitate toward upscale studios. Finding the perfect space can unlock the full potential of your nail care business, so don’t settle for a sub-par studio.

Looking for a salon studio lease?

Launching your own business is an experience like none other. As exciting as it is to pave your own way as an entrepreneur (read: Indie-preneur!), we understand that it can also be intimidating without a supportive team on your side. When you’re ready to be your own boss and boost your earning potential, join our Indie-preneur family. We’ll assist you in finding the best salon studio lease for your unique needs, as well as provide business support, ongoing professional education, and technology solutions to help you reach your goals. To learn more about our studio options and additional services, give
us a call today.