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How to Give Your Beauty Business a Holiday Boost Through Salon Retail

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Ready or not, the holiday season is nearly upon us! Although this time of year is typically a busy one for beauty pros, you may be on the search for additional ways to give your business a boost. If you’re motivated to supercharge your earnings this holiday season, don’t overlook the potential of retail sales. At Indie Salons, we’re so much more than a salon studio rental. We want each of our Indies to fulfill their goals, and our wholesale beauty supply program is a big part of how we can help. Interested in learning how you can leverage product sales this holiday season? Here, we share more about how easy it is to get started: 

Save Money Through Our Program

If you’re thinking about becoming a part of the Indie Salons family, you need to know about our wholesale beauty supply program. We created this program to help you save money on the supplies you need for your business, and there are other perks built right in. With every purchase of premium products, you’ll receive 10% back as a rent credit. You can use rent rewards right away, or save them for a vacation or medical leave! It’s totally up to you. You may be surprised how quickly they add up, especially if you focus on selling the beauty supplies at retail price. 

Ways to Boost Sales

There are a lot of reasons to love being an Indie, and one of them is the ability to keep 100% of the profits you generate from product sales. Your clients trust your expertise, and many are looking for ways to maintain the beautiful results you’ve created for them at home. You can make it easy for them by recommending the supplies that you use in your salon. Client education is a big part of how you can add value to your services, so be sure to talk about what you’re using and why (and let clients know that you carry the products they need). 

In addition to marketing to clients’ specific needs, you can create holiday bundles of your most popular products. These make great gifts, and you can pique interest by packaging and displaying them festively. Be sure to let clients know that you’re offering product bundles for the holidays (and perhaps provide an incentive by offering mystery specials). Don’t miss out on an opportunity to share your holiday bundles on your social media accounts!  You can even cross-promote with other Indies and bundle each other’s services into your packages if you like!

We could all use some extra income during the holiday season, and increasing your product sales is a simple way to help your clients and a great way to achieve your goals. As an Indie, there’s no limit to what you can achieve! If you’re ready to find a luxe salon studio rental that includes a plethora of additional perks, you’ve found the right place at Indie Salons. We’re proud of our incredible community, and we’d love to share more about life as an Indie. If you’d like to schedule a tour of our studios in Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree, or Cherry Creek, please contact our Market Director, Kandice Meylan. You can call or text Kandice at 303-792-8222 or reach us by email at hello@indiesalons.com