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Why You Should Collaborate With Other Professionals

Being your own boss and renting a private Lone Tree beauty studio is an exciting step in your professional journey. Although you’ll be working for yourself, entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. Collaborating with other professionals within the beauty industry in Lone Tree and beyond has the potential to be a relationship and business-building venture. Interested in learning why working with other beauty gurus could be worth your while? Here’s why our Indies love being part of a supportive network of motivated professionals:

Expand Your Reach Through Social Media Collaborations

Maintaining an active social media presence has the power to draw in new clients and keep your services fresh on existing clients’ minds. To broaden your reach, consider swapping posts with a fellow beauty professional who specializes in another area (hair and lashes, brows and nails, etc.). The practice of trading mentions on social media benefits all involved: you and the individual or brand you’re collaborating with will receive social proof, while clients will be introduced to a new business, brand, or helpful tip.

Host a Group Giveaway

In need of inspiration for collaborations on social media? Hosting a group giveaway is one of the most reliable methods of building relationships and sparking interest in new audiences in Lone Tree and across the world. For example, if you’re a stylist and have a friend who’s in nail care, hosting a group giveaway of professional hair and nail care products may be a great way to generate business together. You can keep it simple by posting the details of the group giveaway on Instagram, tagging each other, and creating a couple of simple rules (e.g., contestants must follow each host of the group giveaway and tag a friend).

Share Referrals for Your Lone Tree Beauty Studio

Although social media is a powerful tool for bringing in new clients, referrals from trusted professionals in your circle are influential. Our Indies specialize in a wide array of services, and many have specialized training. If a client is on the search for a niche service and you know someone who does great work, a referral is a gesture that’s always appreciated (and may be returned in the future). Clients trust their beauty professionals, so a referral from a stylist or other beauty guru goes a long way. It’s a smart move to send a quick text or email to your colleague to let him or her know the name of the person you sent their way. This simple courtesy builds rapport and will be remembered, so they’re more likely to return the favor if a client ever needs a service that you specialize in.

Your expertise and skills are vitally important to the success of your business, but collaborating with other professionals can help you grow even more. When you’re part of the Indie family, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with diverse beauty professionals who are just as passionate about their craft as you are. We make it easy (and fun) to get to know each other by offering regularly scheduled continuing education classes, hosting personal and professional celebrations, and more. Professional development is just one of the reasons you’ll love being an Indie. Your gorgeous, modern studio sets the stage for your clients and our Rent Rewards program makes it easy to earn credit toward your rent just by stocking up on the products you need. When you’re ready to find the perfect beauty studio in Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree and learn more about becoming an Indie, please contact our Market Manager, Kandice Martinez. She can be reached via call or text at 303-792-8222.