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Holiday Promo Ideas That Will Put You Ahead of the Season

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Looking to make the most of your salon studio rental? The holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to get creative with your marketing strategy and make connections with new and
existing clients.
To spread holiday cheer while boosting your business, consider the promo ideas we share here:

Offer Specials on Gift Cards

Make it easy for your clients to find the perfect present for loved ones by running a special on gift cards. This deal is a gift that keeps on giving–by offering $5 off a $50 gift card, you’ll build relationships with your current client base and have the opportunity to wow new visitors.

Set Up a Holiday Tree With Surprise Promotion Ornaments

On the search for a fun way to decorate your salon studio rental? Holiday trees are the go-to option, but you can take it a step further by adorning your tree with ornaments containing vouchers for surprises, including special promotions on services. Even a modest discount of 10% off a service is a treat that your clients will remember and enjoy.

Create Stocking Stuffers for Purchase

If you’re aiming to boost beauty product sales, create stocking stuffers in festive gift bags. Bundle a few products that complement each other and display them in your salon. It can be challenging to come up with stocking stuffer ideas, so clients will love the opportunity to grab and go with a bag of professional beauty products. In addition to bringing joy to your clients and their loved ones, you’ll also rack up points with our Indie Rent Rewards program when you stock your salon with wholesale beauty products.

Offer Promotions on Holiday-Themed Color

For many, the holidays create a chance to go bold with style choices. If you’re on the search for out-of-the-box promotions, consider offering a special for clients who want to go red. Crimson is a trademark hue of the holiday season, and running a promotion on red locks may incentivize clients who are on the fence about changing up their style.

Reward Clients When They Book Multiple Sessions

The holiday season is a busy time of year, but you may be thinking ahead for ways to keep your studio packed during the lull between winter and spring. To reward clients for booking in advance, treat them to a discount on their third session. This will help keep your schedule full for months to come, and may even encourage clients to tell their friends about the promotion.

Keeping your studio salon rental busy throughout the seasons is a work in progress. The holidays provide a unique opportunity to build upon your client base and establish rapport, but you’ll need creative marketing ideas all year round to supercharge your beauty business. If you’d like to become a part of a supportive community of beauty industry professionals, we’d love to have you join our Indie family. At Indie Salons, we offer much more than just modern salon studios. Our team is here to help you cultivate your business acumen, sharpen your skills within the industry, and make friends along the way. Interested in becoming part of the community? Please reach out to us to schedule
a tour of our salons
and chat about how we can help you achieve your goals.