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Practical Tips to Keep Your Salon Suite Organized

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Becoming a business owner is an exciting step that can supercharge your career. Once you begin your salon suite lease, it’s crucial to maintain the appearance and behind-the-scenes business details of your studio. If you struggle to stay organized or are looking for practical tips, our Indie team is here to help. Interested in becoming your own boss and continuing to build upon your existing clientele? Here, we share our favorite tips to keep your salon running smoothly and looking fantastic.

Invest in Space-Saving Displays

At each of our locations, we provide Indie-preneurs with premium studio spaces. However, it’s up to you to set up shop in a way that reflects your business and appeals to your unique client base. Your studio suite serves as the perfect blank canvas (that we’re happy to paint for you!), so be sure to make the most of your salon by displaying products creatively. We offer furnishings for rent, discounts on salon furniture purchases with select providers, or you can bring your own furnishings. Regardless of the size of your studio, it’s a great idea to highlight your favorite products with sleek lighting and shelving. For even better results, opt for wall displays to maximize vertical space and reduce countertop clutter.

Use Cord Organizers

If you’re operating a beauty business that requires multiple electricity-powered tools, cut down on clutter with a cord organizer. Tangled cords can disrupt your workflow and even cause a tripping hazard for yourself and your clients. To keep your workstation looking professional and operating like a well-oiled machine, shop around for a cord organizer to suit your needs.

Set Up a Tablet for Payment and Music

Looking for a way to set the tone for your salon suite lease? Don’t overlook the influence of background music. Bluetooth speakers that are controlled via tablet offer a little something extra for your studio. Whether you create a salon mix on Spotify or take music suggestions from clients, you’ll maximize space by investing in a tablet. This handy technology is great for much more than just music–you can also use your tablet to accept credit card payments, schedule appointments, and show ideas or examples of your work to clientele. A tablet that remains in your salon is a great alternative to using your phone for scheduling and payments since you’ll never have to worry about forgetting or misplacing your phone before an appointment.

Indie Salons offers more than just a salon suite lease. When you’re part of our Indie family, you’ll have access to a supportive community of beauty professionals to learn and grow with. We’re all about helping each other succeed, and you’ll never have to walk this path alone when you’re an Indie. In addition to business assistance, Indie-preneurs benefit from our exclusive wholesale professional beauty supply program. As part of this program, you’ll have the potential to earn exciting rewards, including Indie rent rewards! We also regularly host continuing education opportunities to help you build your skillset and add value to your business. Indie Salons has  locations in Boulder and Denver , and we’re happy to schedule a private tour of our premium salon studio facilities. When you’re ready to learn more about becoming an Indie, please reach out to us to meet our market manager, Kandice Martinez.