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Subscription-Based Services to Launch in the New Year

maximize beauty business revenue with subscription based services

If you’re ready to make the transition to an upscale studio salon, you may be on the search for ideas to help you generate more business. Even the most loyal clients can get caught up with life and go several months without rebooking. To encourage clients to book regularly, it may help to offer subscription-based services. 

If you’ve never offered subscriptions before but are excited to give it a try, no need to be intimidated! It’s simple to set up recurring invoices through Square, PayPal, Quickbook, and Freshbooks. Zoho is also a great option, as this software is designed for subscriptions and you can give it a try for free. Need some inspiration on what services to offer as a subscription? Here are some ideas to help you get started: 

Product Packages

Subscription product packages are growing in popularity across a host of industries. Within the beauty industry, just look at the success of IPSY (which offers trial and full sizes of high-end beauty and skincare products). It’s always fun to open up a box of brand-new beauty products, so you may want to consider offering subscription-based product bundles. There’s lots of room for creativity with this idea, so you can design a concept that works for you. Whether you offer personalized bundles for specific needs or a surprise sample pack is up to you! 

Incentivize Consistent Visits

We all know that it’s best when clients come in at consistent intervals to get their hair, brows, or nails touched up. When it’s been a while, your work can become more challenging and your clients may have unrealistic expectations for the appointment. For example, if your color services are in high demand, you may find it helpful to offer color subscriptions that fit your ideal schedule. You can incentivize clients to purchase this subscription by providing a modest discount (perhaps 5-10% off each appointment). 

Miscellaneous Add-Ons

If you like the idea of offering a subscribe-and-save program, offering a subscription for add-ons can be a great value for clients. By creating a subscription program, you’ll make it easy to remind clients that they have a luxury add-on to redeem. Who doesn’t love to be reminded that it’s time to come in for a gloss or deep conditioning treatment? 

Being your own boss is an exciting prospect, and moving to a studio salon can help your business reach new heights. If you’re excited about the possibility of a new studio but you want to be sure that the numbers work out, we totally understand! In addition to giving subscription services a try, it’s also helpful to have a network of beauty professionals on your side.

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