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How Becoming an Indie Benefits Your Clients

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Feeling motivated to become your own boss in 2024? Ditching the booth rental or commission-based job in favor of a private salon studio rental can help you boost your earnings, but that’s not the only reason to make the move. There’s no question that a luxe studio has an immediate impact on clients–and having the ability to design your own space is critical in building your brand. If you’d like to learn more about why clients love the Indie environment, check out the top reasons below. All feedback was sourced directly from real-life reviews, so you can see for yourself why investing in an upscale salon is a savvy business move: 

Standards That Clients Can Trust

The COVID-19 pandemic brought cleanliness and privacy standards to a whole new level. Many clients are more aware of safety than ever before, which is why they love studio salons. When you have a private studio, you have complete control over the space and can ensure that sanitization is never a concern.

According to Cindy S. (a client at one of our Boulder locations), “I was apprehensive when getting my hair done for reasons of safety, health and cleanliness….Indie was a 10 for all of the above! I’ve been going to one high-end salon for the last three years since I moved here. I loved my hair stylist but she moved to Indie and I am so happy she did! Each stylist has their own private salon and they are taking every precaution and following the safety rules explicitly! Check this place out!”

Hannah L. says: “The studio is chic, comfortable, clean and easy to get to.  It’s so easy to schedule appointments and pay for services.  I recommend this salon to all of my friends!”

An Opportunity to Build Better Client Relationships

The busy environment of an open floor plan salon doesn’t provide the best opportunity for relationship building with your clients. If your goal is to get to know each client on a more personal level, it helps to have your own space. Clients often feel more at home in a private studio, and this can truly elevate the experience for each person who steps into your salon. 

Anna says: “In addition to being an amazing stylist and colorist, Kate is genuinely so nice and is great to talk to. And she’s in a private studio, so it’s a great experience! So worth it.” 

Coley’s client, Anna, notes: “I can’t imagine going to anyone else for my hair! She is friendly, personable and very efficient. I really enjoy our conversations! And I love being in her private suite!” Missy says: “I was really nervous to find a new hairstylist after moving to Denver. I couldn’t be more excited to find Coley.  She always makes me feel at home and everything in her salon studio space is intentional, clean and warm. Since going to her I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair and she makes me feel like a goddess!” 

Define Your Brand

If you’re tired of having limited creative freedom in a booth rental or commission-based role, you’ll love the vibe here at Indie Salons. We encourage each Indie to define their brand through studio design. Once you have your vision in mind, we’re here to help you bring the dream to life with complimentary studio setup. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Clients also love the uniqueness of each salon. 

Mary Lynn M. says: “On top of the fabulous haircut and enjoyable conversation, Stephe’s salon is so pretty – light and airy and natural.  It’s a pleasure to be in there and totally cool! I’ve found my new favorite stylist. So happy! Thank you, Steph!” 

Erin C. has great things to say, too: “This was my first experience with Amandal and it won’t be my last! She did such a wonderful job with my hair. I love my haircut and balayage so much. The salon is clean and inviting. She creates such a good vibe with her space.”

If you’re ready to treat your clients to an unforgettable upscale experience, come tour one of our Indie Salons locations. Whether you choose Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree, or Cherry Creek, you and your clientele will love your new salon studio rental. To find your perfect fit, reach out to our Market Director, Kandice Meylan. Give her a call or text at 303-792-8222 to start the conversation.