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Amenity Highlight: How to Put Our Selfie Station to Work For Your Business

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If you’re on the search for a luxury salon lease, you won’t find a better option than our gorgeous locations in Boulder, Denver, Lone Tree, and Cherry Creek. Our modern, upscale studios speak for themselves, and there’s an extra amenity at Denver, Lone Tree and soon to be at Cherry Creek that can help you take your business to the next level: the selfie station! Our Indies and their clients love this fun addition to the studio, and it’s also a great opportunity for marketing purposes. Here’s a look at how you can put the selfie station to work for your business: 

Build Relationships

In this industry, relationships are everything. Whether you’re seeing a client for the first time or working with someone you’ve known for years, encouraging a trip to the selfie station is a great way to build a friendship. If your client is new to Indie Salons, mention that you’re excited about how their results are looking and offer to show them this awesome amenity after their appointment. For established clients, you can encourage them to snap a pic (or offer to take one of or with them) by saying that the final result is definitely selfie station worthy! 

Use It as a Marketing Opportunity

Never underestimate the importance of marketing! Even if most of your clients connect with you through word of mouth, we always recommend investing some time in digital marketing. We know how powerful social media can be, so our selfie station provides a fantastic opportunity to market your business. Indie will upload your logo into the selfie station so that your clients can select your logo when they take a pic! Next time you send out a newsletter or appointment reminder, you could include a note about the selfie station. If you like, you could offer clients a small discount on services or products for posting their selfie and tagging you in it (and if you haven’t already, create some hashtags to help others find your business). 

Showcase Your Work 

Ready to show the world your wonderful work? Client photos are the best way to do this! Many individuals like to show off their brand-new haircut, color, or other beauty services, and the selfie station creates the perfect opportunity for them to do this. If you take the photo for them, it’s worth asking whether they’d like to be featured on your social pages (just remember to ask them to send the picture your way after you hand their phone back). 

Ultimately, the selfie station is all about helping clients feel beautiful and encouraging them to have a little fun. We love helping our Indies create an unparalleled client experience at Indie Salons, and this amenity is definitely one that stands out. If you’re excited to include the selfie station as part of your marketing and relationship building strategy, we invite you to come check it out when you tour one of our locations! To get the ball rolling, please contact our Market Director, Kandice Meylan. Give her a call or text at 303-792-8222, or email us at hello@indiesalons.com. Once you see our amazing studios and learn about our one-of-a-kind community, you’ll see why we’re the premier salon lease opportunity in Colorado.