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The Perks of Having a Luxury Studio Space

beauty studio in boulder co

Thinking about investing in a private or shared beauty studio in Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree? Opting for a luxury suite in an upscale location offers a host of benefits for yourself and your clients. If you’ve been considering making the transition into business ownership, here’s why your environment matters and how you can make the most of your investment:

Create and Control Your Beauty Studio in Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree

Whether you’re a stylist or an esthetician, lash artist, or med spa professional, you’ll enjoy the freedom to create a customized space when you choose Indie. You’ll also have the ability to exercise total control over your environment, such as playing your favorite music, maintaining safety precautions for Covid-19, and creating your own ambiance.

Opportunities for Collaboration

If you’re accustomed to working solo as a booth renter, joining our community of beauty professionals provides opportunities to collaborate. Many of our Indies work with others to offer beauty packages to clients and cross-promote each other on social media.

Get to Know Others in the Industry

Working in the same building as other passionate beauty professionals provides more than just chances to collaborate. Building friendships with your fellow Indies is what many of our beauty gurus love about our unique community. No salon drama here, the vibe at Indie is supportive and fun. Not only will you have the opportunity to make new friends, but you’ll also have the chance to network for referrals and learn from each other. Not sure how to start the conversation? We  host community activities to break the ice and help our Indies get to know each other.

Making the transition to your own beauty studio is a big step, but our team is here to help you every step of the way. While our luxury studios are a perk in and of themselves, our commitment to helping our Indies succeed is what truly sets us apart. Whether you choose a private or shared studio, you’ll benefit from access to our wholesale beauty supply program. This program makes it easy to make profits on retail products for your clients and earn credit toward rent simply by stocking up on the top-tier supplies you need for your business. Additionally, we host continuing education classes so you can keep adding new skills to your repertoire. Interested in learning about the Indie experience? Reach out to our Market Manager, Kandice Meylan, for a complimentary business analysis. You can call or text Kandice at 303-792-8222 to start the process.