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What You Need to Know About Marketing Basics For Your Business

If you’re ready to become your own boss, a salon lease in a luxurious location can help you find and retain the clients you need to succeed. Although it can be daunting to take the leap into business ownership, our supportive network of beauty professionals is here to help you every step of the way. To make the most of your new beauty studio, there are a few marketing basics that we encourage each of our Indies to utilize. Here, we share the details on marketing strategies to help you expand your client base:

Showcase Your Salon Studio Lease in Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree on Instagram

When you’re in the beauty industry, Instagram is a must-have for marketing. Many of our Indies have private personal accounts, but a public business account is a savvy move to intrigue potential clients with your work.  A public business account allows you to see insights and metrics on your posts to help you improve and achieve your results.  It also allows us at Indie to share your work in our stories to expand your reach.  As a reminder, be sure to ask your clients for permission to post a photo or photos of them on your page. It’s worth it as this can be a fun way to demonstrate your skills, attract new clients and make your current clients feel appreciated.

Tag Us On Social For Promotional Opportunities

We want to help each of our Indies succeed! Whenever possible, be sure to tag us in your social media posts and stories so we can engage with your content and promote you, as well. Did you know that when you first publish a post, the more people who engage with that post quickly…the more likely your post is to be shown to many people?  We love to comment on your work and your posts and we love to share posts from Indies on our account.  Tagging us can go a long way in drumming up attention and sparking conversation.

Ask Clients For Reviews

Receiving positive reviews is an excellent way to build trust and attract new customers. If a new or long-term client expresses excitement about the results, feel free to mention that you’d love to hear their feedback in a review. Racking up reviews on both your personal website and the Indie Salons’ Google page (on Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree) has the potential to benefit your business and build your reputation as an expert in your field.

Practicing the marketing basics mentioned here will help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. By making the switch to a salon studio lease from being on commission or renting a booth, you’ll give yourself the best chance at supercharging your career. It’s very possible to give yourself a significant raise by becoming an Indie, and our Market Manager, Kandice Meylan, would be happy to meet with you to provide a complimentary business analysis. During your meeting with Kandice, you’ll learn more about what makes our community so remarkable. In addition to a luxurious private or shared salon suite in Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree that you have creative license to decorate as you like, we offer perks such as our wholesale beauty supply program and ample opportunities for continuing education. Ready to meet with Kandice and learn more about taking the next steps? Call or text her at 303-792-8222.