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The Value of Being Part of the Indie Community

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You may have determined that you’re ready to make the transition into a salon suite, but you might also feel apprehensive about moving forward. Business ownership is a big step, but part of what sets Indie Salons apart from other studios is the incredible sense of community that you’ll experience here. Regardless of your path in the beauty industry, you’ll find other Indies to help you along the way with advice and support. Interested in learning more about the value of our network of professionals? Here, we share more about why you’ll love being an Indie:

You Never Have to Go It Alone

If you’ve been concerned about running your own business, it helps to know that as an Indie, you’ll have an abundance of support from day one. Our team is passionate about helping our Indies succeed, and this mindset is also reflected in the people who choose to become part of our community.

Indie Kiki says: “I didn’t know that I would still be part of a team with talented stylists. I thought I would be all by myself in a room and lonely…but it’s not that way at all at Indie!”

You’ll Pick Up Valuable Tips and Advice

At Indie, we regularly host opportunities for continuing education. Recently, this took the form of a virtual meeting in which Indies from all locations offered advice and real-life perspectives on how they grew their business. This is just one example of collaboration with others to pick up advice and tips they’ve learned along the way.

According to Indie Sarah: “I wish I would’ve known how supportive everyone is at Indie. I didn’t feel alone making this move and I don’t feel like I go to work alone every day. I have a team of 30+ people around me encouraging me and who are there to offer any helpful advice they have.”

It’s a Drama-Free Environment

If you’ve previously rented a booth or have worked in a traditional salon environment, you probably know that these settings can be fraught with drama and negativity. Since everyone who’s part of Indie Salons is a business owner, there’s no competition or ill will here–just encouragement and camaraderie. Many Indies discover that it’s a breath of fresh air to make the transition to business ownership among such a great group of professionals.

Indie Courtney says: “All the gals in the building are so supportive of each other and it’s all smiles every day! I love that we all are so positive toward each other and there is NEVER any negativity. Everyone I have met is so busy and motivated to continue to grow. I also love the feedback I get from clients on how nice the building is and how friendly everyone is! I love that I can refer my guests to other Indies for different services. It really is a positive experience for everyone. There’s a community feel here, which wasn’t the case at my old salon suite location.”

Making the move to a salon suite lease in Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree can help you supercharge your earnings and bring more value than you may have thought possible. Our Indie community is unique, and we’re proud to provide each of our Indies with business and personal support. When you’re ready to learn more about joining the team, please contact our Market Manager, Kandice Meylan, for a consultation. You can reach Kandice via call or text at 303-792-8222.