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Why Your Clients Will Love That You’re an Indie

If you’re ready to be a business owner but you’re looking for another reason to make the leap, it’s helpful to know how clients feel about the luxurious environment that a salon studio rental provides. Becoming an Indie comes with a host of perks, but enhancing the client experience is among the most important reasons to make the switch. Here, we share more (directly from these five-star client reviews) about why clients love the exclusive, upscale ambiance that our private or shared studios offer:

A Safe and Clean Environment in Your Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree Salon Studio Rental

COVID-19 has ushered in a new era of cleanliness and privacy concerns. If you’re currently working commission or renting a booth, there’s only so much you can do to ensure the safety of yourself and your clients when it comes to sanitation. Although your clients are loyal because they love your work, there’s no question that guests truly appreciate the ease, privacy and cleanliness of a private salon studio. Even after the pandemic ends, clients will feel more comfortable in a secluded environment where they’re your sole focus.

Cindy S, who sees Christine at Boulder Indie says, “I was apprehensive when going to get my hair done during the pandemic for obvious reasons of safety, health and cleanliness….Indie was a 10 for all of the above! I’ve been going to one high-end salon for the last three years since I moved here. I loved my hair stylist but she has moved to Indie during these uncharted waters and I am so happy she did! Each stylist has their own private room and they are taking every precaution and following the safety rules explicitly! Check this place out!”

Hannah L. says of Copper Salon at Indie, “The studio is chic, comfortable, clean and easy to get to.  It’s so easy to schedule appointments and pay for services.  I recommend this salon to all of my friends!”

An Unforgettable Vibe That’s Unique to You

When you’re working commission or renting a booth in an open area, it’s impossible to create a space that’s truly your own. As an Indie, you can design your salon studio to be the place of your dreams, down to the very last detail. From bold wallpaper to eye-catching accent pieces, you’re in charge of making your vision come to life (but our team is here to help you set up). Since your space reflects your personality and your brand, it’s an opportunity to help set crucial first impressions that your clients will remember about your business.

Our Indies have created so many beautiful studios, and each one is unique to them.  One of Stephanie’s clients says, “On top of the fabulous haircut and enjoyable conversation, Stephanie’s salon is so pretty – light and airy and natural.  It’s a pleasure to be in there – ask her about the wood she used to panel and decorate her salon! Totally cool! I’ve found my new favorite stylist. So happy! Thank you, Stephanie!”  Mary Lynn M.

April’s client Erin C. says, “This was my first experience with April and it won’t be my last! She did such a wonderful job with my hair. I love my haircut and balayage so much. The salon is clean and inviting. She creates such a good vibe with her space.”

Opportunities for Better Conversations and Relationships

You already know that great conversations with your clients lead to relationships that are essential for helping your business thrive. However, meaningful conversations aren’t always possible when you’re working in a crowded salon with many distractions. When you have your own studio salon, you’ll have the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart conversation with each client for the duration of their visit. These discussions offer excellent opportunities to nurture relationships that can last for years to come.

Anna, a client of Kate, says: “…In addition to being an amazing hair stylist and colorist, she is genuinely so nice and it is great to talk to her! And she’s in a private studio so it is COVID friendly! So worth it.”

And Jessie G, a client of Morgan says, “…I always look forward to seeing her as we have the best conversations. She and her studio are so comforting and relaxing. Morgan has made all my hair dreams come true. I refer her to all my friends!!”

When you’re ready to lease a salon studio rental in an upscale location in Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree, we’d love to help you reach your goals. Becoming an Indie offers a host of opportunities to be a successful entrepreneur, and improving the experience of your clients is instrumental in this goal. In addition to a gorgeous environment for your clientele, life as an Indie means you’ll benefit from access to our wholesale beauty supply program and an abundance of opportunities for continuing education. Ready to schedule a consultation to find your perfect space? Please call or text our Market Manager, Kandice Meylan, at 303-792-8222.