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Creative Ways to Design Your Salon Studio

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If you’re thinking about investing in yourself and making the move to a luxurious beauty studio in 2024, you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity to express yourself through décor. When you’re an Indie, you’ll have total freedom to decorate your space as you please and let your personality shine through to your clients. Although some of our Indies have been dreaming of setting up their studio for years, others need a little salon studio design inspiration to find their vision. Not quite sure how you want to design your studio? Consider the ideas we share here to help you find a starting point:

beauty studio rental denver boulder lone tree

Use Wallpaper in Your Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree Beauty Studio

Whether you love bold designs or understated elegance, wallpaper may be a great choice for bringing your studio to life. If you’d like to brighten up your studio with patterns or designs that are difficult to paint, wallpaper makes it easy to install an attention-catching focal point. For example, we love these floral designs in a shared studio:

Add Accent Pieces

Whether you choose to use wallpaper, paint, or keep the walls crisp white, adding an accent piece or two offers a fun vibe for your studio. Artwork, greenery, or signage for the wall or statement pieces such as a chandelier are great conversation starters and may even help your clients remember what makes your studio so special (besides your great work, of course). Indies at all of our locations have gorgeous examples of accent pieces, such as this wall display, which happens to be in a studio at our Lone Tree location.

Get Creative With Product Display

Since you’ll keep 100% of the profits from selling products purchased through our wholesale beauty supply program, it’s creative (and smart) to display your products in an aesthetically pleasing way. Arranging your must-have products in a prominent location in your studio naturally captures the eye of your clients as soon as they walk in and may encourage your clientele to ask questions about them. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider placing your products in a lighted display case for a sleek look or wrapping your product-lined shelves with twinkling lights for something more whimsical.

There are countless ways to make your beauty studio in Boulder, Denver, or Lone Tree stand out and make a lasting impact on how clients perceive your business. Plus, when you’ve created your dream space and work for yourself, you’ll look forward to coming to work. If you’re determined to make 2021 the best year yet for your beauty business, it’s time to start planning your transition to a luxe studio in a desirable location. As an Indie, you’ll enjoy total creative freedom to create your dream space. We want to help our Indies succeed, and that’s why we offer perks such as the wholesale beauty supply program and ample opportunities for continuing education. Ready to learn more? Contact our Market Manager, Kandice Meylan, to arrange a complimentary consultation and business analysis.

You can reach Kandice via call or text at 303-792-8222.