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What Sets a Luxury Studio Apart From the Competition?

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Ready to start your search for salon studios for rent? As you begin booking tours and envisioning yourself in your new space, you may prefer to establish yourself as a luxury beauty professional (or continue along this path). When you’re committed to providing top-quality services to discerning clientele, you’ll need a studio that makes a statement from the moment a guest arrives. Choosing a new salon is an exciting step, but it can be a little overwhelming if you have several options in your area. To help streamline your search, insist on these qualities as you begin touring and setting up your new studio:

Premier Location

To attract and retain top-tier clientele, an excellent location is a key component to the success of your business. Keep an eye out for a suite that’s located in an inviting area that’s easy to find. You’ll want to look at the surroundings to see what is nearby, and ensure there is enough convenient parking for you and your clients.  Avoid places that are difficult to access, such as inside a mall or somewhere that has little parking. These details will enhance the client experience and help ensure that your guests always look forward to their visit.

Upscale Design

First impressions begin forming upon arrival at your studio. As soon as your clients set foot in the front door, they should be greeted by a sophisticated, upscale atmosphere. Although our Indies have the creative license to design their own space (that’s what makes your studio special!), each of our locations’ common areas are equipped with stunning details. From the lighting to the furnishings and flooring, your clients will be wowed upon walking in the door.  As a new Indie recently told us, “I upgraded to Indie because I provide luxury hair extension services, and it’s hard to charge luxury prices in a downscale environment.”  

Studio Design and Set Up

One of the best aspects is designing your new studio to create your own brand and vibe.  On a tour, ask what resources are provided to help you in the design and the set-up process.  At Indie, our team has studio design examples and advice we are happy to share. We can help with scale drawings and furnishing sources, you can buy or rent your own furnishings, and we have a crew of contractors who install your chandelier/lights and cabinetry complimentary.

When you’re ready to take the reins of your career trajectory, it may be time to start your search for salon studios for rent. Whether you already work with top-tier clientele or you’re aiming for the luxury crowd, a top-quality studio is a must. We’re excited to show you why Indie Salons is the premier choice for operating your beauty business, and we’d love to have you in for a tour. We have several locations to consider, and each offers the luxe vibe that’s so critical for establishing credibility as a true professional. Although our gorgeous studio salons may be what initially captures your attention, you’ll want to stay for our unique community and unbeatable perks. As an Indie, you’ll enjoy a supportive network of fellow beauty pros who are passionate about their craft. You’ll also gain access to cutting-edge continuing education opportunities and benefit from earning rent rewards by participating in our wholesale beauty supply program. Interested in learning more and seeing what sets us apart? Please contact our Market Manager, Kandice Meylan, at 303-792-8222.